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Sunday, April 17, 2022

In The Can

 This episode has been "in the can" of some time. We recorded it on 4/3/22 but I just got around to editing it today. Also, what the heck is "in the can" anyway? I guess it's just radio or recording lingo. 

Yeah, looks like it's an old recording term. The "can", in our case is our iPhone with the Shure Mic attached. This episode has been there for a while. What am I even talking about? Does anyone even read this? I could go on and on talking about whatever I wanted with a fair amount of confidence that nobody ever would read this. I am the only one reading this. I am my only audience. ... Hi, me. 

Just kidding. In this one I'm not sure what we talked about. I'm sure it was super interesting and engaging. I hope you enjoy!

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