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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Creativity and stuf

Creativity... What does it mean to be creative? I asked the large language model and this is what she said. that are original and meaningful. It involves the process of combining existing knowledge, skills, and experiences in novel and imaginative ways to produce something unique and innovative. Being creative means having the capacity to think divergently, break away from conventional patterns, and approach problems or tasks from fresh perspectives.

AI chatbots aren't creative yet. But humans are. Humans are great and we wanted to talk about that. Maybe we ran our mouths too much in this one? I mean, what's new, right? We're always running our mouths. I think the difference here is I had a chance to edit it out and I still didn't. Jokes on me. 

Will the bots ever possess creativity? 

Here's what an AI bot imagined an AI bot would look like if it had a physical body. 

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