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Podcasting is hard—it’s especially hard with kids around. We parent, discuss life, social topics, and the world around us—all while trying to keep our 3 kids busy, which never happens.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tamale Piracy, Your Beard Smells Delicious Christmas Special

It's been a year preparing us for growth. We hope you had a great year!

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  1. On the netflix movie you guys talked about- when they have two different genres like that in one story, it's called a 'genre-mashup'.

    'Orcs' the word, was invented by Tolkien - however, it's just another word for a large goblin- and those have been around practically forever...

    By all means, come visit! - but maybe not this week nor next, it's like -17 with the windchill here right now... burrr....