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Monday, March 16, 2020

Hey America, Save Us a Piece of That Corn

Yeah, don't hoard the corn. If you hoard the corn, then there's not enough to go around. But seriously, the times we're living in are surreal. People are clearing out grocery stores, buying up all the toilet paper, pasta, meats, canned food, even ramen.

We hope it'll be okay. We also hope this episode finds you well. If you're quarentied, or social distancing, perhaps we can find a spot in our podcast rotation. Thanks if we do.

If you're curious about the enneagram, Sandra has an amazing instagram page found at We suggest you visit. Also, if you're curious about the enneagram, the authors we've been paying attention to are Richard Rohr, Ian Morgan Cron, and Suzanne Stabile.

Music is by Jeff Omidvaran (but not O Fortuna)

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