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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Garage Sitting

Isolation days bring ups and downs. It brought Lindsey to bead. Yeah, she's making "hope strands". There's hope. We won't be stuck in the house for much longer, we hope. Well, maybe that's wishful thinking.

Isolation does some...interesting things to people. We've had to take into account *gasp* each other's feelings, thoughts, and wishes. Well, in marriage its good practice to do anyway. I'm hoping all this has just allowed us to work those muscles that we need to have a solid marriage. 

Either way, thanks for being on this journey with us. Thank you for the grace you give to us as you listen. We hope our, um, imperfections bring you comfort to know that there are other people who deal with issues. And if we seem really messed up to you, then you're right, we are. And please email us your secret for having it all figured out. Heck, tweet it. 

By the way, Lindsey scores high as an enneagram 4, and Lorenzo scores high as an enneagram 9. 

This one is all over the place. So, thanks or listening. 

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