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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Breweries With Kids?

Should you bring your kids with you to a brewery? We discussed this question and a few other topics. We're also still adjusting to our new location, Portland, Oregon. We talk about that a bit. Then we go on to talk about what we're listening to. We even played the songs on a MacBook Air, so the sound quality of those songs isn't great (although the MacBook Air speakers are surprisingly good). We recommend that you go check out the songs on your own. 

Adjusting to a new place is hard. Podcasting has kind of taken the edge off of the move. It's like we have some sort of communication with the outside world. Like, maybe someone is hearing us. We're communicating. Part of a community. I don't know. It's also just fun to create and a good distraction. 

We hope you enjoyed this one!

We promised to link: 

the rise of babies in bars, explained 


Concept Album from The Early November 

Neon Bible

Toddlers are Assholes

Goody Bag

French Kiwi Juice 

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